Matrix Communications AppID Enterprise

Matrix Communications App ID Enterprise

appid enterprise

Provide secure 24x7 access to web apps and data with Dynamic Identity and Access Management

Advanced Single Sign-On (SSO) and dynamic password management

Application shaping to increase security

Audit and compliance tools to increase visibility

Context-based authentication to reduce risk

Key Features of Matrix Communications AppID Enterprise

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Why do you need it?

Alongside the increased adoption of cloud and mobility technologies across enterprise environments, there is the employee expectation to have 24x7 access to web applications and data–anytime, anywhere and from virtually any device. This is where Matrix Communications AppID Enterprise comes in.

Dynamic IAM addresses the authentication and authorization of management challenges associated with the way people work today because it’s device- and location-aware. It enables cloud adoption through more flexible policies, which helps reduce risk, increase productivity, and maximize cost benefits.

A Worry-Free Experience™ for AppID Enterprise

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