Matrix Communications AppID

Matrix Communications AppID

Discover the single sign-on service that’s simple for ANY business to deploy.

Easy deployment—no infrastructure prerequisites

Enhance security with advanced two-factor authentication

Works with any web app, including custom apps

99.999% uptime guarantee

Key features of Matrix Communications AppID

Created with Compare Ninja

What’s wrong with having too many web apps?

The more web apps you have, the harder it is to ensure security, manage costs and maintain control. This leads to insecure password practices, inefficient employees, and big security risks.

Single sign-on solves the problem of too many apps. Unfortunately, it’s always been too hard for smaller businesses to deploy.

Now, there’s AppID. With no infrastructure prerequisites, AppID is effortless to deploy. And it’s backed by Matrix Communication’s enterprise-grade security, 24/7 support and ongoing innovation. 

A Worry-Free Experience™ for Matrix Communications AppID

Created with Compare Ninja

AppID fits any IT environment

You can bundle this service with other Matrix Communications services or complement any existing on-premises or cloud IT environment.

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