POP Business Email. Get a Custom Email Address for Your Business!

POP Business Email

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Get a custom email address for your business in minutes.

→ Make your business look more professional

→ Anti-spam, anti-virus, 1 GB space

→ Access via webmail or mobile device

Key Features of POP Business Email

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What is POP Email?

POP Email is the most basic form of business email. Unlike Hosted Exchange, POP Email stores downloads on your hard drive — as opposed to keeping them on the server so it can sync with your other devices. Most business users prefer Hosted Exchange; however, POP Email is a useful tool for infrequent email users who don’t require calendar or contact syncing.

A Worry-Free Experience™ for POP Email

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POP Business Email pricing

POP Email starts at just $9.95 per month plus as low as $0.69 per mailbox, per month.