ShareSync by Matrix Communications

ShareSync by Matrix Communications

Give users simplicity and mobility while offering your business control and protection.

Real time file backup and point-in-time restore for PCs and Macs

Simple and secure file sharing with colleagues and partners

Access files from any desktop or mobile device

Complements most email environments, including Office 365

Key Features of ShareSync

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Business continuity during ransomware outbreaks

One of the most compelling use-cases for integrated file backup and file sharing is business continuity for users whose PCs get infected by ransomware.

Many businesses have plans in place for natural disasters, power outages or other disruptions. Fewer have “e-crisis” response plans for cyber threats such as ransomware. That’s one of the reasons ransomware has been so disruptive to businesses and so profitable for criminals: business continuity solutions have not previously existed.

In order for users to continue working during a ransomware outbreak, two capabilities are required: the capability to roll back to uninfected files instantly, and the capability to immediately access those clean files using alternate devices. ShareSync offers both: in the event of ransomware infection, just select the folder you want to restore, select the target point in time—down to the minute—and press the button. Your folders are instantly rolled back to their state at that point in time. A user can then access those files instantly through the web or mobile devices, even as they’re re-syncing to the user’s computer.

A Worry-Free Experience™ for ShareSync

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ShareSync fits any IT environment

You can bundle ShareSync with other Matrix Communications services or complement any existing on-premises or cloud IT environment.

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